11/3/2018 9:56:34 AM (GMT+3)

Biles-Hurd guiding light for USA youngsters

Biles-Hurd guiding light for USA youngsters

DOHA: Simone Biles and Morgan Hurd have won five world All-around titles between them, but their most meaningful honour may be serving as mentors and role models for the newcomers in their gold medal-winning USA team.

For Kara Eaker, the squad’s youngest member, the duo embody the resilience she needs when things don’t go according to her plan.

“Watching them in the gym is really inspiring,” said Eaker, who qualified second to Biles for Saturday’s balance beam final. “Watching their determination and confidence, even though they make mistakes, I know they can keep going. It makes me more determined to keep going.”

Grace McCallum looks to Biles and Hurd to help navigate what is, for her, uncharted territory.

“They definitely push you in the gym and make you work a lot harder, and make it a lot of fun,” said McCallum, who turned 16 on Tuesday, the day on which the USA romped to gold in the team final. “They have been here (at previous Worlds), so they know what to do. They show you around and show you what to do.”

The 21-year-old Biles enjoys providing encouragement and leadership based on her seniority and leadership.

“We worked very hard to be where we are,” Biles said after the Team final. “I’m excited I could cheer them on and make them believe in themselves.”