10/27/2018 6:44:50 PM (GMT+3)

Germany's Seitz speaks after WAG 3rd subdivision qualifications


DOHA: Comments from Elisabeth Seitz of Germany after the third subdivision of women’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Saturday.

On the German team’s strength on uneven bars (on which three German gymnasts ranked among the top four after three subdivisions), and how they compensate for it on the other apparatus to stay competitive.

That’s a good question. Everybody knows that bars is our best event, but we are also good on the other events. It’s just that the Start Value (on the other three apparatus) is not that high. We do all the stuff we can do, and do it cleanly, especially on beam. We have to stay on the beam. On floor I always say that maybe our acrobatics aren’t the best, but we try to smile everything away. That’s how we impress the judges.

On the impact that a power outage in the arena, which temporarily delayed the competition, had on the German team.

We were happy it was after bars. We were extremely nervous because we know bars is our best event and we had to do well.

On improvements she wants to make should she qualify for the apparatus final on uneven bars.

Today my handstands were not always perfect, and there’s one connection I could maybe do, but it’s not perfect in training. So that’s why I decided that for the team I didn’t want to risk it. But if I’m in the final, maybe I can try it. First of all, I hope for the team final because that was our biggest goal. Everything else after that would be extra.