10/26/2018 8:54:18 PM (GMT+3)

Great Britain's James Hall reacts after ninth subdivision of MAG qualifications

Great Britain

DOHA: Comments from James Hall of Great Britain after the ninth subdivision of men’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Friday.

On his performance, which ended with a fall on horizontal bar.

I had a really good day. I had a couple of high scores and I am really pleased with that. Regarding the fall, I went for broke and it didn’t quite go right.

On how his experience benefits the British team.

“I have been around the block. I have competed in a lot of all-around competitions at World Championships, World Cups and European Championships, and also at the Commonwealth Games, which is an enormous competition, with all the coverage and people watching. So, I can hold my nerve under pressure, and I do my absolute best to help the team. If they have any questions, they ask me and I help them.”

On the British team’s chances for a medal in the team final.

We have everything we need. Everyone has a bit of something. So, we have it all together and we can contend for a medal. You do not know really know what’s going to happen, what the Russians, Japanese, Chinese and Americans will do. I think that, if we pull it together, we have just as good a chance as these teams. Hopefully we will do the job. It’s an exciting prospect. Anything can happen.