10/29/2018 9:26:40 PM (GMT+3)

Great Britain's Whitlock speaks after his team placed fifth in the MAG Team final

Great Britain

DOHA: Comments from Max Whitlock of Great Britain after his team placed fifth in the men’s team final at Aspire Zone on Monday.

On his team’s fifth-place finish:

“Coming fifth in the world as a team is not bad. With previous results people might be expecting more, but we can take a lot of positives out of this because, coming in, I said it was going to be a very tough challenge to come in the top three. So I think we have done really well.”

On performing last for his team on pommel horse in the last rotation:

“I didn’t know our position, because I do not look at the scores, so for me I was in the same mindset as any other competition. The reason that I am doing that is to avoid the added pressure of knowing that if I do this routine it can win a medal.

Every competition matters to me, and every routine matters to me. All I have to do is my job. I was really pleased with finishing it that way. I gained a lot of experience as well with my big (highly difficult) routine.”

On mistakes made by his team-mates:

“There were some mistakes, but it is positive. Mistakes mean that there is a lot we can improve on and try to make sure that they don’t happen next time.”

On what his team can learn from its performance:

“If you saw the (gold medal-winning) Chinese (team), you watch a pure example.

On every single move they go for it with 100 percent. They don’t hold back on anything, and they proved today that it really does work. Every tenth (of a point) matters in a competition like this, and that’s what we need to take from here, and go train hard, get closer as a team and come back stronger.”