10/28/2018 12:35:59 AM (GMT+3)

Hurd speaks after WAG 5th subdivision qualifications

Hurd speaks after WAG 5th subdivision qualifications

DOHA: Comments from Morgan Hurd of the USA after the fifth subdivision of women’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Saturday.

On her performance.

I think I did really well and I’m pretty proud of myself. My goal is just to achieve the best I can do. I think it went great.

On how her status of being the defending world all-around champion affects her performance.

I definitely think it brings a little bit of pressure, but it’s mostly from myself because I have higher expectations for myself. It definitely felt different (from the 2017 Worlds). I felt more confidence, and I came with the experience from last year.

On whether her performance was among her best.

I definitely think so.

On serving as lead-off gymnast for the USA team on three of four apparatus.

It actually helps me because I wait a little less time. I have less chances of getting more anxious. I like being first.

On her personal and team goals for Worlds.

Just (to do) my absolute best. I just want us all to achieve our absolute personal best.

On team-mate and three-time world all-around champion Simone Biles.

She’s the greatest of all time.

On how team-mate Simone Biles inspires her.

We all want to catch her so we’re just trying our absolute best.