10/27/2018 11:23:38 PM (GMT+3)

Iceland's Suto-Tuuha speaks after WAG sixth subdivision


DOHA: Comments from Agnes Suto-Tuuha of Iceland after the sixth subdivision of women’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Saturday.

On Iceland first participation in the team competition at the World Championships since 2006.

We have quite a young team, with me and Dominiqua (Belanyi) being the only experienced ones. This is a wonderful experience for us as a team. I am so proud. This is my fourth World Championships, but I have been most proud of this one.

On the performance of her younger teammates.

Their difficulties are really impressive. They are only 15 and 16, but they are doing things I was not able to do it when I was in their age. They just need experience and that’s all. I believe their future is bright for Icelandic gymnastics, because where we are at right now is really good.

On living apart from her husband, former Finnish gymnast and 2010 European vault champion Tomi Tuuha.

He is studying in Finland after quitting gymnastics, so we live apart. I am a full time coach in Iceland. When he finishes his studies, we will see where he will possibly get a job, because for me it will a little bit easier to get a coaching job somewhere else. So, we live apart, but we talk a lot and we visit each other a lot.

On her husband’s influence on her gymnastics.

He does help me mentally, because he has been here quite often before. People say that I have upgraded my vault, probably because he was pushing me a lot.

On the role her mother, Katalin Ujszigeti, a former Hungarian national team member, plays in her career.

She is my coach, she is there for everything I do and she supports me. I am 26, but she helps me a lot, and she is probably one of the reasons I got this far.

Gymnastics runs in the family. My mother, my husband and my stepfather, who was a gymnast and is a gymnastics coach.”

On the reason she chose “Game of Thrones” music for her floor exercise.

I love the show, and I also cut the music do the choreography by myself. When ‘Game of Thrones’ finished in season six, I heard the first part of my music and I liked it and told myself, ‘I am going to use this.’ I am fan and I read all the books. I also watched the series quite often.