10/26/2018 2:23:20 PM (GMT+3)

Ireland’s McClenaghan speaks after the 7th subdivision qualifications (MAG)

Ireland’s McClenaghan speaks after the 7th subdivision qualifications (MAG)

DOHA: Comments from Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan after the seventh subdivision of men’s qualification at Aspire Dome on Friday.

On falling twice on pommel horse, the apparatus on which he won gold at the 2018 European Championships.

I had a small (left) shoulder injury a couple of weeks ago and I pretty much didn’t work. I couldn’t do the routines and I didn’t have the numbers (of routines) behind me that would support me in competition, and that’s a big factor I rely on. To perform my routine and not have that confidence hinders my performance. It’s a shame but that’s sport. I have to get over this and come back stronger, because I know I’m one of the best in the world, and I’m looking forward to that time when I can stand on the top spot of the podium.

On expectations placed on him for Doha as the reigning European champion on pommel horse.

I don’t let outside pressures get to me. I know that when I put up my hand for my routine, I’m in the zone. I’m doing my routine, I’m doing my job, and I don’t let anything else disturb that. It’s back to my own mindset. I was hindered in the aspect. I didn’t have that confidence and wasn’t fully focused on the routine because of the shoulder injury and also the new equipment. But it is what it is. It’s my fault, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym and getting the numbers in that I missed.