10/26/2018 12:46:56 PM (GMT+3)

'King' Kohei speaks after MAG sixth subdivision qualifications

DOHA: Comments from six-time world all-around champion Kohei Uchimura of Japan after the sixth subdivision of men’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Friday.

On the Japanese team’s mistakes, including one he made, on pommel horse in the sixth and last rotation.

If I competed on six events, I could say I was tired, but I even though I didn’t compete on six events, I felt kind of tired on pommels. Also, I didn’t have good training on pommels, so that’s what happened.

On managing the potential frustration and pressure of not competing on all six apparatus (he is recovering from an ankle injury).

I don’t get frustrated, even when I fail at something. I always think, ‘Why?’ The ‘Why?’ is coming first, so that’s why I don’t get frustrated and I don’t feel the pressure.

On his team-mates stepping up since he is unable to compete on all six apparatus.

They worked hard for me. There are lots of gymnasts who are Kenzo’s (Shirai) age in the world. The younger ones are doing a really, really good job, and have kind of started leading. That is happening naturally.

On the pressure of being “King” Kohei Uchimura.

Here, when I come to the Worlds, everyone is looking at me like I’m king. But other Japanese gymnasts are not looking at me like that. But when I compete, I kind of feel the pressure, so I kinds of feel, just a little bit, that I have to do well.