10/29/2018 10:09:36 PM (GMT+3)

Lin speaks after China claim men's team gold in final

Lin speaks after China claim men

DOHA: Comments from Lin Chaopan of China after his team won gold in the men’s team final at Aspire Dome on Monday.

On his thoughts when team-mate Xiao Ruoteng, China’s last competitor in the last rotation, fell on horizontal bar:

“It does not end until the last minute, so we fight to the last minute. Even after the fall from the bar, we believed we still had a chance to win.”

On his satisfaction in winning gold:

“Even though we got a gold medal, there is a long way to go. We had mistakes here and there, but we can still go further and further.”

On defeating Japan, the defending champion, which finished third:

“We just do it for ourselves. I do not want to compare us to other teams.”

On whether his team felt relief, or happiness, at the end of the competition:


On being a world team gold medalist:

“I’m not satisfied with myself. I still have a long way to go to be the best.”