10/28/2018 6:28:21 PM (GMT+3)

Mexico's Moreno reacts after 10th WAG subdivision qualifications


DOHA: Comments from Alexa Moreno of Mexico after the 10th subdivision of women’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Sunday.

On her hopes to advance to the vault final, having competed in the vault final at three previous Worlds (after 10 of 11 subdivisions, she ranked fourth on vault; eight gymnasts will advance to the apparatus final on vault):

“I’ve been working pretty hard, so I had that tiny light of hope, but I didn’t want to pressure myself. So I was always thinking, ‘Just do your job, do what you need to do and that’s all.’ I don’t know the gymnasts who are doing high-level vaults, so I didn’t even look it up. I was just in my zone.”

On pressure she felt, as a successful vaulter, to provide a high score to her Mexican team:

“I was more thinking of being more consistent. I had some hard times in training because the vaulting table is very different from the one I have in my gym, but I didn’t want my team-mates to feel like they were on their own. I tried to keep a strong face. I think that’s the hardest — trying to keep your cool when you’re going mad in your head.”