10/26/2018 2:33:14 PM (GMT+3)

Mikulak of USA speaks after MAG sixth subdivision qualifications

Mikulak of USA speaks after MAG sixth subdivision qualifications

DOHA: Comments from Sam Mikulak of USA after the sixth subdivision of men’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Friday.

On the USA team’s strong start on vault in the first rotation.

Vault is a solid event. It’s not too stressful - run, hit it, move on to the next one. You get the competition jitters out a little bit. I think it set us up well. I think there was still a little bit of jitters from the guys. Today might have been the day it needed to happen, just to get them to feel what that uncomfortable situation is like.

On what contributed to his score of 14.566 on horizontal bar, ranking him second on that apparatus after six subdivisions.

The whole process is do it, nothing else. I train to go in and do it, and I leave without thinking about it twice. I have hopefully just gotten a berth into the event final.

On his comfort level.

This has been a year and a half of work, and I feel that this is the most comfortable that I have ever been on this grand of a stage. I stick to what I have been doing. I keep my routines and my rituals the same, and I just try to keep doing the same exact process during this entire week.