10/31/2018 8:52:01 PM (GMT+3)

Mikulak speaks after MAG All-around final

Mikulak speaks after MAG All-around final

DOHA: Sam Mikulak of the USA speaks after the men’s All-around final at Aspire Dome on Wednesday:

On dropping from third place to fifth place, after he lost his grip on a release skill on horizontal bar in the last rotation:

“Going in to that event, I felt really good. I can look back to many other competitions where nerves were a factor, and I think I was beyond the nerves. I put my first releases a little close (to the bar) and played it safe. Having my grip slip on a Tkatchev-half (release skill) was not the way I would ever have thought this to go down.”

On recovering:

“I’m going to go home and get fired up. I don’t know what more I could have done. I have to just keep plugging away, and another year will be my time.”