10/24/2018 1:42:14 AM (GMT+3)

I think my mindset is a little better, says Biles

I think my mindset is a little better, says Biles

DOHA: Absent from international competition for the past two years, superstar Simone Biles of the US attributes her remarkably quick comeback to the improvements she made while enjoying a rejuvenating break following her dominant performance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

“I think my mindset is a little better,” said Biles after Tuesday’s podium training at Aspire Dome here. “Physically I’m in better shape, which is kind of crazy.”

While Biles’ difficulty-packed routines at the training session gave every indication that she will seriously challenge for her fourth world all-around title, she downplayed her powerhouse performance.

“It went better than I expected,” said the 21-year-old. “I always hope beam could go a little bit better but hopefully I’ll calm my nerves once competition comes around.”

Biles, who won four gold medals in Rio, said “getting back into the grind” of training was a daunting challenge.

“To have so much fun in my year off and then be hooked back into the gym, I was like, ‘I have to do this every day?’” she said. “Before, that was all I had known, and then I got a shot of freedom and it became a little bit tougher. But it’s fine and my team-mates are great.”

Biles’ most formidable rival will likely be one of them -- 17-year-old Morgan Hurd, who won All-around gold at the 2017 Worlds in Montreal, Canada.

She said her forecasted all-around duel with Hurd in Doha will be cooperative and respectful.

“I think healthy competition is always the best, so we work really well together. Hopefully, we’ll both do well out there,” Biles said. “We always wish the best for each other.”