10/25/2018 10:08:48 AM (GMT+3)

No pressure, only happiness, says new mother Mustafina on comeback

No pressure, only happiness, says new mother Mustafina on comeback

DOHA: Crowned queen of the sport when she won the world all-around title eight years ago, Aliya Mustafina of the Russian Federation has reappeared on the international scene with apparent ease and characteristic competitiveness after giving birth to daughter Alisa in June, 2017.

“There is absolutely no pressure, only happiness,” a beaming Mustafina told www.worldgymdoha18.com after Wednesday’s podium training at the 48th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships that will begin on Thursday.

“I have been doing everything possible to win,” she added.

The 24-year-old said she has been diligently managing her expectations during the short process of returning to competitive form following Alisa’s birth.

“It was difficult but not super-difficult,” said Mustafina. “But I had a big desire to train more and more. I wanted to do it and I did it.”

Mustafina, who won gold on uneven bars and bronze in the all-around at both the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympic Games respectively, said she is enjoying her latest challenge.

“I like making impossible things possible,” she said. “I also like to train really hard.”

Mustafina said she treasures the motivation and purpose that Alisa gives to her, apart from gymnastics.

“Most of the time I train for myself,” she said. “My daughter is simply my daughter. She’s not with me in the gym. But I like the feeling of someone waiting for me at home.”