10/26/2018 5:02:14 PM (GMT+3)

Petrounias speaks after MAG 8th subdivision qualifications

Petrounias speaks after MAG 8th subdivision qualifications

DOHA: Comments from Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece, who ranked first on still rings after the eighth subdivision of men’s qualifications on Friday.

On whether his rings routine was his best possible, or the best he could perform in Doha given that he is scheduled for shoulder surgery on November 5.

For sure it was not the best routine I could do. It was the best routine for here, for now, for my condition and good enough, I think, to qualify first (for the apparatus final).

On his confidence level preparing for his first full rings routine since the European Championships in August.

I have done tons of this routine in my life. I have worked very much — not full routines but so many weights, so many strength elements — so I knew that if I used my experience I could handle a full routine.

On when he realised his routine was going well.

When I landed. My coach has told me many times that the routine ends when you salute the judges, not a second before.

On whether he felt any fear for his shoulder during his routine.

I had some thoughts about how it’s going to be, but not for my shoulder — how (the routine) is going to look, what my condition would be before the dismount and all of that.

On how his shoulder injury has affected his training.

I have changed my whole training. I work a lot of strength, no swings. When I need to do swings I need to put all my effort and good mentality to focus and handle the pain. That’s the biggest issue I have.

On the kind of pain he feels when he swings:

Sharp, like a knife.