11/2/2018 9:13:06 PM (GMT+3)

Russian Federation's Dalaloyan speaks after floor final

Russian Federation

DOHA: Comments from Artur Dalaloyan of the Russian Federation after he won gold on floor exercise in the men’s apparatus finals at Aspire Dome on Friday.

On winning gold:

“Today I tried an experiment. I was sitting and didn’t train before my performance. I prepared myself mentally, without an extras. I focused, came out and performed. I just did my thing.”

On what inspired him:

“This morning I received a telegram from the president, and I felt so proud. That is why I got so inspired. I really wanted to perform. I tried my best.”

On his strategy for winning on Friday:

“Sometimes you have to feel like a fool. You have to filter you mind and not think about anything.”

On his performance:

“There is still room for achievement. It’s good that I still have room to improve. There is no limit for perfection.”