10/28/2018 7:44:59 PM (GMT+3)

Russian Federation's Mustafina speaks after WAG 9th subdivision qualifications

Russian Federation

DOHA: Comments from Aliya Mustafina of Russian Federation after the ninth subdivision of women’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Sunday.

On mistakes made by team-mate Angelina Simakova (who scored 0.00 on vault because she did not land feet-first, and who fell on uneven bars), and her own wobbles on balance beam:

“You cannot avoid mistakes. Most mistakes come from maybe a lack of training, but some come from being nervous. Because it was competition, I think we were nervous and that’s why we had some mistakes.”

On what the Russian Federation team will need to do to win a medal in Tuesday’s team final:

“Our cooperation, our coaches and of course our mood have to be proper.”

On her return to gymnastics after giving birth to daughter Alisa in June, 2017:

“I was missing the emotions, the equipment, the girls, everything.”

On whether she enjoys gymnastics more than she did before she became a mother:

“(I enjoy it) a lot more because it’s my passion and it makes me feel better all the time.”

On the message she wants to send about the ability to continue gymnastics as a mother:

“When you become a mother, your life doesn't end. There is a thing you can do that gives you pleasure, and you do it.”