10/25/2018 12:33:52 PM (GMT+3)

Russian Federation's Nikolai Kuksenkov speaks after MAG 1st subdivision qualifications

Russian Federation

DOHA: Comments from Nikolai Kuksenkov of Russian Federation after his team led the standings in the first subdivision of men’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Thursday.

On what caused his and team-mate Artur Dalaloyan’s falls on pommel horse in the fifth rotation:

“I think it’s different things. For Artur it’s his weakest event, but of course, he can do better. For me, I was trying to get into the (pommel horse apparatus) final, so I had a 6.4 Start Value. It’s four-tenths more than I usually do, because a 6.0 is not good enough to compete in the final. But for the team final I can do my old routine, and we’ll speak with the coaches, so it’s not a big problem. I’m not really disappointed. I fell, I made a mistake, but it’s gymnastics. You can’t always do your best, and sometimes mistakes happen. This is sports, this is gymnastics.”

On Russian Federation’s team composition:

“It’s good to have younger stars like Dalaloyan, who is the Russian national champion. Nikita (Nagornyy) also did well. So for me, I’m proud that I can compete with young guys, because 10 years ago I was the same age.”

On what motivates him to continue gymnastics:

“I’m already a long time in gymnastics. For me, every competition brings a new spirit. Some of the guys say, ‘You have so much experience, you can do all of this.’ I say, ‘You know, experience is good, but when you come into the gym, it’s a new feeling every time.’ I have competed at two Olympic Games and many World Championships, but every competition is a new feeling for me.”

On Russian Federation’s strategy for the team final:

“We have to change some little things, but I think everybody is ready and in shape, and we just need to do our routines. That’s it.”