10/23/2018 4:03:42 PM (GMT+3)

Team success matters most to defending champion Xiao

Team success matters most to defending champion Xiao

DOHA: China’s all-around defending champion Xiao Ruoteng does not feel entitled to a repeat victory at the 48th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships that starts here at the Aspire Dome on Thursday.

The unassuming Xiao said that, regardless of how well-prepared he is, delivering solid routines under the judges’ scrutiny, and not in training, is the only thing that counts.

“I am very confident in general, but I still have to perform during the competition,” the 22-year-old told www.worldgymdoha18.com after the podium training on Tuesday.

Xiao, who had competed at the same venue in April this year during the 11th FIG Artistic Individual Apparatus World Cup, said he plans to perform his entire programme as planned, despite a sore back.

“I have to overcome that in order to make my performance,” he said. “I need to do my best and fight to the end.”

Above all, his squad’s success matters most to Xiao.

“The team competition is the first priority for me,” he said. (Pic Credit: Asian Gymnastics Union)