10/31/2018 8:24:44 PM (GMT+3)

Xiao reacts after the MAG All-around final

Xiao reacts after the MAG All-around final

DOHA: China’s Xiao Ruoteng reacts after the MAG All-around final on Wednesday.

On his feelings after coming close to defending his 2017 title before losing in a tie-breaker to Artur Dalaloyan:

“I feel pity about that, but I respect the judges and my rival. I basically want to be number one but anyway I am still happy with the result.”

On being the last gymnast in the last rotation (on horizontal bar) and how did that put pressure on him:

“There was a little pressure, but not so much, because I know how to adjust myself and give my best. I am satisfied with my performance.”

On if he knew the score he needed to win:

“I don’t pay so much attention to that. I just be myself and try to do my best to perform my routine.”

On how his result in the all-around final will motivate him:

“When I return to training, I will try my best to improve and be stronger to perform better in future competitions.”