10/30/2018 8:00:35 PM (GMT+3)

Zhang speaks after China win WAG Team bronze

Zhang speaks after China win WAG Team bronze

DOHA: Comments from Zhang Jin after China won the WAG team bronze at Aspire Dome on Tuesday.

On her team’s performance, which included her fall and team-mate Chen Yile’s fall on balance beam in the second rotation:

“I am a little bit disappointed. Uneven bars were good. We made one mistake but didn’t drop too many points. I was not worried about balance beam before the competition because usually we are very good, but it wasn’t good.”

On the impact that new head coach Liang Chow (Qiao Liang) has had on the team:

“There have been big changes. He has encouraged us a lot more. We are really joyful in training now. We play lots of games in training, which is fun. I really enjoy it.”