10/25/2018 1:57:35 PM (GMT+3)

Zonderland comments after the MAG 2nd subdivision qualifications

Zonderland comments after the MAG 2nd subdivision qualifications

DOHA: Comments from Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands after the second subdivision of men’s qualifications at Aspire Dome on Thursday.

On his score of 14.400 points on horizontal bar, which placed him in the lead after two subdivisions.

I hoped to score a little bit better. For the team I think it’s a great score. For the final I don’t know if it’s enough. I think it should be but I’m not confident yet. We’ll have to see what the other guys will do. It might be enough but there are so many guys who also able to score this.

On why he performed three release skills, instead of the four he planned.

I think I was not recovered yet from parallel bars (in the the previous rotation), so I felt quite heavy in the control. It was choice for me to skip the Gaylord 2 (the skill he omitted) because it was a risk. Then I went to do two jams but I was still tired, so I thought, ‘I better do just one jam.’ So the Start Value got squeezed.

On the Dutch team’s performance.

It was awesome. We didn’t make a big mistake that counted on any event, and that’s what we hoped to do. We can be really proud of our result today, no matter what the ranking will be. We’re already proud.