It is understandable to want to choose a cheap alternative to marketing especially if you are a newly started business with limited funds or budgets for marketing and advertising. The more popular methods of marketing and advertising such as commercials and billboards are obviously very expensive. If you don’t have money for that, don’t worry. You can put in a little bit of more effort by choosing a cost-effective tool for marketing that is flyer printing. Flyer is not only popular for smaller businesses, but it also is still used by large companies for certain promotions and events. Even in this technological era, a flyer is still a tool that is often requested for production since it holds many benefits and advantages.

However, you have to keep in mind that how well a flyer printing can work depends on how good you can design it. Coming up with an effective flyer design can get quite tricky. Here are a few things you have to remember when it comes to designing a flyer to make sure that they can give you the most benefit in return to your efforts.

1. Keep it Simple

Keeping your flyer simple yet not boring is one of the keys to effective design. Try to be creative without doing too much, refrain yourself from going overboard with your design. The mistake a lot of people do is try to make the flyer look fancy and crowded, not leaving any empty space in the design. A lot of the elements included are not necessary and they only turn to be a hindrance and distraction from the actual important content of the flyer. It will not make a flyer effective as some will either not grasp the key information or get lazy to read the entirety of the flyer because of the unnecessarily crowded design. Only put the information that is important and relevant, and try to convey them in an easy way that is simple to understand. Avoid using fancy fonts, too, because they are difficult to read or may cause misunderstanding.

2. Follow Natural Eye Flow

As you input the information on your flyer, make sure that you follow the natural eye flow which goes that people read from the top of the flyer printing toward the bottom and from left to right (or right to left in some countries, adjust to it). Arrange the content of your flyer according to this rule for a flyer that is easy to understand, especially if you are grouping the information in boxes instead of lines. If you arrange it in a confusing way, of course, the reader of your flyer won’t be able to fully grasp the content of what they are reading, making your flyer ineffective and unsuccessful in doing its purpose.

3. Catchy Headline

A good headline is one of the quickest ways to grasp the attention of people because it tends to be the part that gets read first as people land eyes on the flyer. Being able to come up with an interesting yet not confusing copy is very important. Try to wrap up the main idea of your flyer printing into the simple sentence of your flyer to let people know what they are getting into and convince them that it is something that they want to know. To make a headline look more interesting, you can also design it in an attractive font (that’s kept straightforward and easy to read) with a larger font, or even in bold.

4. Print in Color

Printing in color is very important because it can really boost the attractiveness of your flyer. Even though color printing will cost more, but it can heighten the chance of people getting interested in your flyer and not throw it away within seconds. Try to choose colors that not only represent your brand or company and the theme of your promotion but also a color that can stand out among the crowd and trigger the right emotion or impression upon the reader.

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