Wedding preparation can be confusing since there are lots of elements that must be prepared. That is why breaking it up into smaller chunks of tasks is a perfect choice to know all the details about what and when to do. One of the things that should be made into smaller pieces is a wedding invitation card. Even though it looks like small elements and easy to prepare, a wedding invitation card is something that should not be underestimated. It took time and more than one step to create it. So, if you are thinking about making it, you should know about the steps and the perfect timing for it. Well, to help you know about it, here are the steps and timeline for preparing a wedding invitation card! 

1. Create a Guest List First! 

So, let’s start the first step by creating a draft of the guest list. You can write out a rough guest list at the beginning of the process. Usually, it is made 9-12 months before the wedding day. In the process of making a guest list, it is matter to ask and discuss the guest list with your partner. Besides, you can ask and discuss it with your parents and future in-laws as well. That is not mandatory, but if they are taking part in funding your wedding, you’ll better ask them about some people that they want to invite. 

2. Finalizing the Guest List 

The guest list is not complete until it is finalized. In this step, the number of names on a guest list must be adjusted to fit with the guest size. So, there are some questions you can ask yourself when managing a guest list. Here are some of the questions! 

  • Who is he/she for you? 
  • When was the last time you talked and met with him/her? 
  • Does she/he know about your relationship? 
  • Will you happy with his/her presence? 

Those are only some of the questions that can be asked to yourself in managing the list. Also, for the timeline, it will be great to do this step 8-6 months before the wedding. Once the number of guests matches the guest size, you can continue to write the address of recipients.  

3. Order Wedding Invitation Card 

After finishing the guest list, it’s time to create a design. There are two options for you in making it. You can create it by yourself, or you can ask a professional to create it. But, a thing to remember, you have to make or order it 5-4 months before the wedding day. In making a design, make sure you have booked the wedding location, as well as determine the date and time of the wedding. Moreover, to print the invitation, find a professional wedding invitation printing to get the perfect wedding invitation card that matches your expectation. 

4. Send Out the Wedding Invitation Cards 

The best time to send out wedding invitation cards is around 6-8 weeks in advance of the wedding. With this time, you give the recipients enough time to mark up their calendar, organize their schedule, or even arrange transportation and accommodation to go to your wedding. Before you send it out, check if all of the names and addresses of recipients have been written correctly. 

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