We know that over the years, technology has changed the way we communicate. People more enjoy to something instant and fast when exchanging information now. But even though people love instant messaging, it will never make a postcard lose its existence. You know about postcards, right? A postcard is a small card for sending a message without an envelope with an illustration or photograph on the front of it. Postcards are always a great idea to have and use. Why? Here are some of the reasons why! 

1. Postcard Create More Smile and Personal!  

When people rely on instant messaging, postcards can be a more fun alternative to staying connected with friends and family! Why? Because with your handwriting and message on it, people may find postcards are more personal and create more smile. That is because they know that sending postcards takes a lot more intention, effort, time, and money. People will remember and thankful for the cards they receive. 

2. Looking for A Souvenir? 

Most people will buy some snacks, clothes, or fridge magnets for family and friends while traveling. As an alternative, why don’t you think about buying a postcard as a souvenir? Compared to snacks or clothes, postcards are cheaper and easier to pack. But, to make these cards as souvenirs, don’t forget to buy some postcards with beautiful scenery or symbols that symbolize the places you visit! 

3. Postcards Are Affordable! 

Whether it is for personal or business, postcards can be a great idea because of their affordable price! Compared to sending letters, postcards are more low-cost. You don’t need to use envelopes and maybe address labels for the card. So, there are no expenses that must be spent on these two things. For businesses, that means saving more on their budget. Moreover, many of them which apply postcard marketing make their own postcards and print them on a postcard printing service to minimize their expenses compared to when they order or buy postcards from other parties. 

4. Record Your Travel Journal 

People may forget some experiences during their travels. Because of that, to keep the moment, you may often find that people always carry cameras when traveling. How about you? Are you doing the same? If you are doing the same thing, maybe you can consider another alternative to chronicle your travel experiences. But how? You can use postcards to record your travel journal! So, whenever you have something memorable while traveling, you can write down all the stories on a postcard and send it your address. So, when you back from your trip, all of the postcards can be put yourself right back to the moment. 

5. Did You Know That Postcards Are Versatile? 

From individuals to companies use postcards. But what do they do with the cards? With various sizes and layouts, postcards are used for a variety of purposes. Some of them are used for mailing, souvenirs, invitations, and marketing tools. Due to its flexibility, a postcard is always a good idea!  

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