You may not believe it when someone tells you that stickers can be a good low-cost marketing tool. Yes, even if it’s small, a sticker can do quite a good job of promoting your business, whether it is your brand, services, or product. However, you have to really know how to design your Singapore stickers printing also more importantly, how to distribute them the right way.

Stickers are known to be great because it can be quite versatile, meaning that stickers can be used for many different occasions as long as you can design it in the right way according to what it’s planned out to do.

If you are not familiar with any design software such as Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw, don’t worry. You can try to find templates online that are free and customizable. These sorts of templates are a lot easier to understand as they are usually quite self explanatory. Another option to get a good design is to hire a professional graphic designer. However, of course, you have to spend more money on this.

Not only a good design, printing decisions such as paper stock, finishes, inks, and others are also very important. It is best that you find a printing service that is experienced so that you can get more options and better results. You can definitely consult with the printing service regarding the most suitable paper material for your uses also the compatible finishes to get the best result possible.

For the distribution, there are several methods that you can go for. Although, it is not only limited to the mentioned ways. You can always try to be creative with stickers as they are adaptable.

First, you can try making your stickers as giveaways. This is one of the most common ways of getting your stickers around. Simply give your stickers for free by handing them to passerby in a high traffic area. Let them know what you have to offer and where they can find you. It is better if the information is already included in the design of the sticker. As you hand out your stickers, you have to be able to know the right target audience that fits the product or service that you have to offer for more effective promotion. The stickers that you have can also be given away as freebies upon purchase of your product or use of your service. The stickers can also be attached to the packaging of your product.

Another way to make it more exciting is by using your stickers as a coupon. Design your stickers as a redeemable coupon. You can give out your stickers along with flyers that explain more about your product or service and reel in your target audience by letting them know that the stickers can be used to redeem discounts if they purchase your product or use your service. You can make it more interesting by setting a limit date. People will feel more pressured this way and act quickly on using their coupon before it expires.

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