Pull up banner is a medium for delivering information that is not only affordable but also very good as a way of conveying a message. You’re probably wondering how to make a good banner and how would you make it better and stands out at the same time. Don’t worry, here are some things you can use to create your amazing pull up banner. Happy reading. 

1. Simple Yet Eye-Catching Design  

A simple design will focus the reader on the content or information first. Rather than getting distracted by the unnecessary and cluttered design on it. Creating a simple design will also make it easy for you to compile the important information that should be on the pull up banner. Make sure when you design, you have a bleed area of ​​3 mm – 5 mm. Then, how do you make a design that is simple but still attracts the attention of the viewer? Easy, someone reads your banner because there are keywords that she or he saw. Then you need to focus on that first. Find the right keywords and make people curious, so they will read the whole information. And will eventually purchase your product or services. 

2. Keywords 

Continuing from the previous point about keywords, do you know what keywords are? Yes, keywords are a word, comes from several words that are a summary of the entire sentence/information. The use of keywords aims to make it easier for readers to get the first impression of the overall information given. How to make it? From a sentence consisting of eight words or more, find one or two words that most describe and make you want to know more about the information. 

3. Straight to The Point Content 

Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs, because people will be lazy to read them. It requires them to do a lot of effort to read the info, so instead, use bullet points and short descriptions. That way, the information will be easier to digest and your potential customers will be happy. Use the information in the form of numbers that indicate efficiency, low prices, discounts, or the words “The first …”. Making sure that the information you put on the banner gives that sense of ‘being forthright’. 

4. Colours 

When you design in a design application, you need to pay attention to the use of colours. Make sure that your colour is set to CMYK mode. This will make the result a lot more precise based on what you see on the laptop/desktop. Speaking about application design, you might want to consider sticking to using Adobe Illustrator (AI), as that is the primary software used by printing shops. 

5. Materials 

Choosing the right material will extend the service life of your pull up banner. Make sure you choose a material that is thick enough with your preferred finishing. That way, you will have a pull up banner that is not only good but also has lifetime use. Come on, make your pull up banner now! 

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