How to Create Your Own Name Card Design

by Jonathan Villarroel
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Undeniably, the use of the Singapore name card printing is still important until this day, especially in the business world. It doesn’t matter what people say about how technology will mostly take over the use of the name card. There are still several occasions where it is required and deemed more appropriate than using digital ways of exchanging contact information. A name card makes two people meet, and by the face to face encounter, they can engage in better conversation leading to creating a stronger impression in the meeting and building a more pleasant business relationship. Despite its small size, a name card is rather a powerful tool that can’t be overlooked especially if you are trying to be more professional.

Of course, a name card can’t be good without a proper design. Designing a name card is not a matter that should be taken lightly of. It is important to make sure that your name card can represent you and your business well.

If you don’t know where to start from, here are several basic things that you need to be aware of prior to designing a name card.

  1. Information

Since the core purpose of a name card is to provide someone your contact information in a quick and concise way, what information that is put on the name card must be considered carefully. It is absolutely not a smart move to input all information related to yourself and end up making the design of your name card overcrowded. A name card design must be kept simple and easy to read. Choose the information that is most important and relevant only, such as your name, your job title or position in the company, your telephone number, e-mail address, and website address. These days, these are the essentials, especially with the website address. You can also try to be creative and include technology like QR code where people can scan it and have them directed to your webpage. This way, they can learn more about your company from the most reliable source.

  1. Design

In general, the design of a name card consists of three main elements of colors, images, and text (font). These elements must work together well in creating a design that looks pleasant to the eye. Now, let’s get to learn about each.

Colors and Fonts

There are no actual restrictions on what color you can choose for your name card design. However, it is more ideal to have a name card that comes in a bold and bright color so that it can stand out among others and give a stronger impression upon first glance. Colors not only apply to the background of the name card but also the color of the font. Now, there has to be a strong contrast between the color chosen for the base or background and the color chosen for the font. This is to ensure legibility and to make a better looking design. If a background of a name card is in a light or bright color, then the font must be dark. This also applies the other way around. If not, the text will be rather difficult to read, which is not something we want.

Images and Graphics

Finally, regarding the images. It is all right to include images in the name card design, as long as they don’t hinder the other element of the name card. Perhaps you can limit yourself to the logo of your company (which is actually crucial to include) or an image in the background with minimum opacity. This way, the texts on your name card will still be the main focus and it will remain easy to read.

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