A promotional poster is something you will need when you run a business. But why is it needed? So, by having a promotional poster there are countless benefits that you can be obtained! It can help you to inform about your business and offers to the potential consumer. By doing that, it is expected that you can increase the number of sales and financial gain, also get the new consumer for your business. The promotional poster can be made in multifarious ways, one of them you can make it from foam board. People decide on using it since the foam board is a durable material that has a lightweight characteristic. Don’t forget, people also love to use it since it has an affordable price. 

Do you know that promotional poster works when it can catch people’s eye to make them notice it? So, to make a poster that is noticed by people, here are certain tips that you can follow in the work of creating a promotional poster! 

1. Make The Information That Legible from a Distance 

By setting the right font size and type, your promotional poster can catch people’s attention even from a distance! Choose the large scale of font size and the regular font type such as Arial, Calibri, times new roman, and more, for your poster. The regular font type is chosen to avoid confusion if the font types hard to read by people.  

2. A Catchy Headline is a Must! 

“We Offer Italian Pizza!” or “The Best Margarita Pizza is Here!”. Do you see the difference between those two headlines? The first one seems normal but maybe not really attractive for the headline. People may find the second one will be more attractive to be noticed than the previous one. So, try to write a catchy headline for a promotional poster to make it be looked at by people. 

3. Create a Design That Focuses on the Object That Being Promoted 

You can make a design more focused only on the product or service that you want to promote. So, when people see it, they will be directly focused on the object that you offer on the poster. Set the object on a large scale and make free space around it. By doing this, the object becomes a focal point on the poster design. Don’t forget about making it in a high resolution! 

4. Quality of Printing Determine the Result of Poster Looks 

Great design can be destroyed by the poor quality of printing. Unless you choose a good quality of printing, you may never get a good-looking promotional poster that can be noticed by people. So, since the quality of foamboard printing absolutely essential, then you have to choose the right one! 

5. Strategic Location Is a Key 

No one will notice your promotional poster if you put it in the wrong area. Who will see the poster, if the poster place in the area where people even rarely walk around there? So, put it at the “right” location! Maybe you’ll need a poster or easel stand to help place the poster in more various strategic areas. 

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