A rubber stamp is one of the obligatory office items that is absolutely needed in many business sectors, especially ones that are formal. It is used to provide authentication for legal documents before they get released from the company to ensure its authenticity. Rubber stamps leave an imprint on important documents that can assure people that it is not a false letter or document. Compared to a digital mark, the rubber stamp’s imprint is harder to counterfeit. It is considered safer by many professionals. Therefore, if you are a professional entrepreneur, you definitely can’t forget about ordering a rubber stamp for your business needs. Although, smaller businesses can also definitely order for one because by using a self inking stamp for your correspondence needs, you will be able to present yourself more properly and professionally. This way, you might entice more prospect clients and grow your business in no time.

What are the uses of a self inking stamp?

As previously mentioned, it is mainly used to authenticate and authorize a document before it gets released whether for public uses or toward clients and other business relations.

However, self inking stamps can also be beneficial for non formal uses, such as document organizing where you stamp imprints to let you easily know the category a document belongs to. Or, even simpler, a self inking stamp can be used for creative projects as well.

What are the types of self inking stamps?

1. Traditional self inking stamp

This type of stamp has been going on for the longest as it is only made from simple material. It is the most basic type of stamp where it is made of wood handle and self inking stamp that is attached to each other. To leave an imprint, you first need to press the stamp against an ink pad. Then, you can leave your mark onto a piece of paper other possible surfaces for it.

2. Self inking stamp

Self inking stamp is the type that is developed after many years. It makes stamping easier, because it doesn’t require manual inking. Self inking cuts down the effort for stamping and cut down the time needed to stamp as well. Moreover, a self inking stamp does not require a separate ink pad and you can use it more freely without hassle anywhere you want, anytime.

3. Pre inked stamp

A pre inked stamp is somewhat similar to a self inking stamp. The difference between the two is that a pre inked stamp has an ink reservoir. The reservoir is used to provide ink for the stamp and automatically reink itself after one made impression, where it is filled with oil based ink.

Whatever the choice of your type of stamp is, make sure that it is the most comfortable for you. It should also be produced in a high quality. Don’t try to save money by spending money on a cheap stamp by an inexperienced manufacturer. Find one that is good enough to produce your stamp in a decent if not high quality so that it can last a long time.

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