Wax sealing is now popular as a form of craft. But did you know that it was used to really seal? In the distant past, wax sealing was absolutely needed to seal envelopes or letters. That, until adhesive was discovered. Now that people no longer send out physical letters, the use of wax sealing has diminished greatly. However, if you are interested in wax sealing, it is still very much available and easy to try. All you have to do is know and remember these basics about wax sealing. If you wish to know about the information you can visit professorprint.com to understand more. 

1. Wax Types 

Before you start buying your wax, you first have to understand the difference between the wax types that are available to choose from.  

Even though they are all wax, they have different formulas and shaped into different shapes for different uses. You have to understand their characteristics and purposes so that you can choose the right type of wax for the goal that you have in mind. 

First, there is the traditional sealing wax. This type of sealing wax is the one that is very similar to the type of wax that has been used from ages ago. This type of wax is known for its breakable characteristic. It solidifies hard and crumbles easy. While this type of wax seal is good to ensure that the letter or document that is sealed by it is not tampered as long as it is still intact, this type of seal is not good for mailing because it is easy to crumble. Next, there is the flexible sealing wax. This type of sealing wax, as the name goes, has better flexibility compared to the traditional sealing wax. Thus, it does not break as easy and it can even be used on uneven or curved surface. 

These waxes come with wick, but some does not. Wicked wax is usually easier to use especially during the melting process. However, it may leave some residue. 

2. Equipment 

To start wax sealing, of course you need equipment. Other than the wax itself, you will need a heat source, such as fire, or other tool that can help you melt the wax down like a glue gun. If you don’t use a glue gun and use a fire as a heat source, then you will need a wax spoon. This wax spoon will help you pour down the melted wax onto the surface of paper or any item or material that you wish to have the wax seal on. Then, finally, you will need a stamp. The stamp for wax sealing is different from normal stamp used to stamp ink mark on paper. This type of stamp is usually carved with a certain symbol or letter and made from metal material. The most common shape for the stamp of wax seal is round, but some also make it oval. You can easily find pre made stamps in craft shops for your wax seal. But if you want to have a more personalized symbol to be stamped onto your wax, then you must make your own custom order.

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